Pay for 1 person 100MYR

or 25USD (for 8 people and above)

2. A drybag for 2 people

Pay for 1 person 135MYR

or 33.75USD (for 4 people and above)

Mangrove Kayaking PROMO Package 

4. 1 kayak for 2 kayakers (max capacity 300kg per kayak)

Pay for 1 person 150MYR

or 37.50USD (1 to 3 people)

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experience LANGKAWI ISLAND's nature first hand!

This package of 150 MYR @ 37.5 USD per person (min booking is 2 person) includes :-

P/s :

A. This 3 hour trip Started at KILIM JETTY.The guests have to be at jetty at either 10am or 3pm (choose 1).

B . You may inform us about your preferred date for your trip through email/whatsapp.

C. For group of 4 or 6 and above please call or send us a message through email/whatsapp forSPECIAL DISCOUNTEDprices.

5. eagle watching  (we don't do feeding)

3. 1 Drinking water each

1. Trip to Bat Cave (entrance fee included