experience LANGKAWI ISLAND's nature first hand!

The tour will started the at Kilim Jetty where the guests will be taken in a boat ride through the mangrove in Kilim river. The fist stop of the tour would be the Bat Cave where over there the guests will be given introduction about the mangrove; what it is, what its benefit to humans etc. Also the history of the limestone formation around that area will be told to the guests. then they will be taken into the cave to see the bats that would be hangingabove of their head.
After that the guests will go back into the boat to be taken to the second stop, which would be the fish farm. at the fish farm, the guest will be given time to the toilet and kayaking equipments such as paddle, life vest, drybag and drinking water. A demonstration also will be given before all the guests getting into their respective kayaks (2person per kayak).
Once in the kayak, the guests will follows the guide into the mangrove forests will trying to spot the animals that are living there. At one point the guests will be taken to the eagle spot to witness the birds that symbolises the island. After about 2 hours of kayaking around then the group will started to paddling back to the fish farm.
The last stop would be the fish farm where they were earlier. but this time for lunch (u may choose special seabass lunch set,standard fried rice lunch set or vegetarian ones). After the guests finish with their lunch they will be taken back to the jetty by boat before being send back to their hotel.

Mangrove Kayaking Itinerary

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